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How to Easily Teach and Accommodate Struggling Readers

Pedagogy, an educational method that assumes the learner to be a "blank slate" and dependent on the teacher for guidance, evaluation, and the acquisition of knowledge, is a common approach when assisting struggling readers. However, it is often forgotten that these students do have a wealth of prior knowledge that can be utilized. In addition, many of them have specific learning deficits that have left their learning capacity riddled with booby traps that ambushes the encoding of information and sabotages confidence. So how can be reach these capable learners?  Luckily, there are three steps that dismantle these snares and fortify each student's academic infrastructure?
What are the Steps?
First, we need to address any cognitive deficits and strengthen core skills.  Comprehensive psycho-educational testing is a great option that reveals areas of weakness that need to be addressed. However, if this is not a viable option, you can always try my free dyslexia screener and f…