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How to Strengthen Executive Function for Students

Most teachers have excellent executive functioning skills, so when they come across students that struggle in this arena, they may have little compassion or patience. For many students, executive functioning is relatively easy. However, for some, tasks that require self-initiation, planning, time management, and organization to name a few, can be an immense struggle.
What is Executive Functioning and Does it Impact Learning? Executive functioning is much like the conductor of one's brain.  It is a mental process that gathers and creates meaning from sensory information. Allowing us to makes sense of what we experience, executive functioning also enables focused attention, metacognitive skills, and helps us to relate new content to prior knowledge.  Executive functioning affects learning because it is the lens through which we perceive the world around us.  Good executive functioning skills enable students to quickly and effectively absorb and assimilate new lessons.  In contrast…

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence for Students

Because emotional intelligence is thought to be an important step in realizing one's true potential, it's vital that we develop EQ in our schools. What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence, sometimes referred to as EQ (emotional quotient), is one's ability to understand and manage internal and external emotions in positive ways.  It includes stress management, emotional regulation, nonviolent communication, and empathy.

5 Strategies to Help Students Improve their Emotional Intelligence?

Share and discuss stories of people that exhibit high levels of emotional intelligence.Teach students about active listening skills, and discuss ways to attend to both verbal and nonverbal communication. Additionally, demonstrate how to ask for clarity when other people are talking so there is a clear understanding before personal thoughts are shared.Demonstrate and teach students about reflective communication. Have students practice mirroring or repeating back what others are s…