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100 Powerful Learning Specialist and Educational Therapy Materials

This week I wanted to tell you about my online store, Good Sensory Learning. I’m Dr. Erica Warren, and I established this site so I could share all the materials that I have created over the last 20+ years as a learning specialist and educational therapist. When I first began my private practice, Learning to Learn, I had great difficulty finding fun and multisensory materials for my students that were effective and engaging. So back in 2005, I made it my mission to design and distribute high-end, remedial products as well as memorable, motivating lessons that bring delight to learning. If you would like to try a free sampling of my activities , CLICK HERE . How Are the Products Organized at Good Sensory Learning? You can download my Free Printable Catalog or you can browse the site using the grey “search all products” bar in the top right of any page with keywords such as dyslexia, working memory, and executive functioning. What’s more, drop down menus in the red banner allow you t

How to Quickly Improve Visual Tracking for Struggling Readers

Many struggling readers have a difficult time making sense of text because they lose their place on the page.  In addition, some find it challenging for their eyes to track from one line of text to the next, and they often read the same line, again and again.  Skipping over words, or even missing a line of text altogether is not uncommon.  As you can imagine this could have a profound impact on one's interest in books and can negatively impact reading stamina, speed, and comprehension.   What is Visual Tracking? Visual tracking is the ability to control the movement of vision with the eye muscles.  This may involve the eyes moving left, right, up, down, and even in a circular motion.   How Do Visual Tracking Weaknesses Impact Reading? Poor visual tracking can make it very difficult for individuals to read because their eyes struggle to maintain a fluid motion when scanning the words throughout the page.  Instead, they constantly lose their place.   Why Do Struggling Readers Often H

What Resources are the Best for Online Tutoring?

Finding the best online, learning resources can be a challenge.  There is an overwhelming number of sites, apps, and products, and finding the best ones can be a time-consuming chore.  Having been an educational therapist and learning specialist for the past twenty years, I continually scour the internet for the best resources, and I would love to share with you some of my favorites! My Favorite Online Resources for Remote Learning Use Zoom .  I find it to be the best platform that has some fun and useful tools. Chatbox : They offer a chatbox where thoughts and links can be shared.  I often use this feature for writing games and activities. Screen sharing : Screen sharing is a great feature that allows me and my students to watch videos together. I can share my own resources and we can also brainstorm on a Whiteboard.  An added benefit is the annotation tool that enables both me and my students to draw or type on an image or webpage.   Remote access : When sharing an activity, I can gi