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Awesome, New Fun Online Tool that Builds Vocabulary - Infercabulary

I am so pleased to announce my 12th Go Dyslexia video podcast: Dyslexia: Building Vocabulary and Semantic Skills with Infercabulary, featuring Guest Beth Lawrence and Host Dr. Erica Warren. URL:  This blog shares my most recent video podcast, featuring dyslexia expert Beth Lawrence, MA, CCC-SLP. Beth is an Orton Gillingham trained, certified speech-language pathologist, and CEO of Communication Apptitude (dba InferCabulary and WordQuations).  This is the 12th of many free video podcasts for Go Dyslexia!
During the video podcast, Beth and I talk about Infercabulary, a fun and multisensory online site that offers vocabulary and semantic reasoning development exercises and assessments. Beth talks about the importance of developing language skills and also provides a quick description of her app, WordQuations and assessment, Test of Semantic Reasoning. What is Infercabulary?
Infercabulary is a fun online site that develops the language skills semantic reasoni…

7 Free Strategies for Selecting Super Summer Reading Books

This week I have a guest post by Nancy Platt. Nancy is a early literacy specialist and worked as a children's librarian for 15 year at the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut. Nancy is passionate about multisensory and play-based early education. Currently residing in the Dominican Republic, Nancy is furthering her expertise in language acquisition and bilingual education. Each year as schools close their doors for summer vacation, a familiar scene plays out. Students joyously, rapturously careen into vacation mode without a thought to the summer reading lists and “enrichment packets” that likely made their way home in the final days of the school year. The ten weeks that make up most schools summer break is a deceptively dangerous time academically for many kids, as studies have shown that during this relatively short break, students lose significant ground and forget crucial skills learned throughout the school year – at least a month of reading gains, on average. Teacher…

13 Amazing Reasons Students Should Use Google Keep

Helping students find the best method for recording assignments and organizing their packed schedules can be a game changing strategy that can boost grades and confidence. Over the years, I have tested out many apps as well as printed and digital calendars.  Most recently, I have been evaluating Google Keep, and I’m really excited about this option that communicates across platforms. What is Google Keep? Google Keep is a web-based application that allows you to create, access and share notes, lists, and reminders on many devices.  In addition, it offers many cool features such as images, voice notes, drawings, reminders, color coding and more!  It’s an attractive interface that resembles customizable sticky notes. It also easily integrates with Google's other applications!
On What Devices Can I Access Google Keep? Here is a list of devices that can use Google Keep. Below you will find live links to download pages: Google Keep on Mobile Get the iOS app Google Keep on …