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My Thriving Practice: How Can I Become a Learning Specialist?

Did you know that teachers stay in the field of education for an average of only two years? Many of these people slogged through years upon years of schooling and accrue tens of thousands of school-based loans only to find that the job they longed for was nonexistent. What's the next step? Did You Ever Consider Being a Learning Specialist?
I have been getting a ton of questions about what it takes to create a learning specialist practice. I have a simple way for you to get many of your questions and concerns answered! Sign up for my Successful Learning Specialist Practice VIP list and let me teach you strategies for success!!

What is a Learning Specialist?
Learning specialists are teachers/coaches who are skilled at providing support to struggling students. They can find employment in private schools or set up a practice outside of formal schooling. These educators work individually or in small groups to provide intensive instruction and support that meets the individual needs of e…

Online Zoom Sessions for Learning Specialists: Making Documents Interactive

Educational Therapists, Learning Specialists and Tutors can now use Zoom, a conferencing platform for free to improve online sessions and office appointments when meeting with students one-on-one. Compared to Skype, Google Hangout, and Facetime, Zoom is a more stable platform with some unique added features.  What are the Key Features?
Zoom allows both participants to share pdf images, web pages, word processing and an interactive whiteboard. When you select the green "share screen" option that is on the bottom menu of the zoom meeting, it opens a window that allows you to share anything that you have open on your desktop. What's more, it allows either participant to share their iPhone or iPad screen.
My favorite feature is that the participants can also draw lines and shapes or type text on the screen so that activities and images become interactive. Yes, if you have digital workbooks or images, you no longer have to print your activities! You could even take a p…

Dyslexia and Voice Dream Reader: Discussion and Demonstration with Winston Chen

This blog shares my most recent video podcast featuring Winston Chen, the author of my favorite app for readers with dyslexia. This is the first of many free video podcasts for Go Dyslexia!
Winston founded Voice Dream while on sabbatical on an island north of the Arctic Circle and his flagship product Voice Dream Reader is an amazing technology device that offers text-to-voice for audiobooks, PDFs, and more. This top-selling iOS app has a recent, free, comprehensive update with some new extraordinary features. Come learn about this creation and view a demonstration of this amazing tool that is changing the accessibility of text for individuals with dyslexia around the world.
Mentioned Resource Links: Voice Dream Reader:
Voice Dream Writer:
Abbyy Fine Reader:
Cam Scanner:
Snap to PDF:…

Comprehensive Remediation for Students with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is consistently found to be associated with academic difficulties. As a result, many of these learners require additional help at school or in their community by a qualified professional. Alternative reading instruction is a common approach, but many of these struggling learners require a more comprehensive method. Remedial help needs to focus on strengthening areas of weaknesses, while nurturing abilities and developing compensatory learning strategies. What's more, many of these learners possess both physical and emotional concerns that also require attention. Cognitive:
There are a number of common cognitive processing areas that require remediation:
Visual processing: Dyslexia symptoms can be caused by visual processing problems residing in the brain. These are not problems with vision, rather they are problems with how the brain makes sense of visual stimuli. Therapies for visual processing disorders include cognitive remedial therapy, and some individuals also report …