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100 Powerful Learning Specialist and Educational Therapy Materials

This week I wanted to tell you about my online store, Good Sensory Learning. I’m Dr. Erica Warren, and I established this site so I could share all the materials that I have created over the last 20+ years as a learning specialist and educational therapist. When I first began my private practice, Learning to Learn, I had great difficulty finding fun and multisensory materials for my students that were effective and engaging. So back in 2005, I made it my mission to design and distribute high-end, remedial products as well as memorable, motivating lessons that bring delight to learning. If you would like to try a free sampling of my activities , CLICK HERE . How Are the Products Organized at Good Sensory Learning? You can download my Free Printable Catalog or you can browse the site using the grey “search all products” bar in the top right of any page with keywords such as dyslexia, working memory, and executive functioning. What’s more, drop down menus in the red banner allow you t

Inquiry Based Instruction - A Four Step Process to Student Empowerment

Having focused my higher education on lifelong learning, I studied both pedagogy (a child-focused teaching approach) as well as andragogy (an adult-focused teaching approach). In fact, I believe that many of the distinctions in instructional methods are valid, such as children come to lessons with little to no experience, while adults come to the learning table with far more know-how and knowledge. However, over the years of working with learners of all ages, I have found that incorporating many of the adult education principles into my one to one sessions with children has been extraordinarily beneficial. In fact the inquiry-based learning approach, that is sometimes used in the sciences with children, can help student think and be used to bridge learners to a place of greater independence and empowerment in the learning process. Inquiry Based Learning Helps to Unite Some of the Principles of Pedagogy and Andragogy for Young Learners. Inquiry-based learning is primarily a p

Mindfulness Training Improves Working Memory Capacity - Classroom Strategies for Success

Mindfulness-based approaches to learning are attracting more and more teachers, therapists and school administrators. Mindfulness refers to being completely in touch with and aware of the present moment, as well as taking a non-evaluative and non-judgmental approach to one's inner experience. These methods are helping students, as well as their teachers, learn how to manage and minimize stress, become active engaged participants, enhance memory and learning, improve classroom climates, and even develop supportive communities. Mindfulness-based programs empower students to self-regulate, develop emotional intelligence, and gain a sense of control over both their minds and bodies. Classrooms today are faced with endless distractions including electronic devices, competitive classroom environments, ever-increasing administrative expectations, and both real and virtual violence. What’s more, competing diversions bombard learners, even when they are at home. This high-pressure lifest

From Frustrated Teacher to Educational Entrepreneur

Many of you have been following me for years, whereas others are discovering my blog and sites for the first time. So let me begin by saying that writing this blog has been both grounding and enriching. Much like a diary, I have documented my thoughts, passions, experiences, and inspirations. What's more, writing helps me to stay on top of the current trends and research. Although I addressed a multitude of topics, I have never shared much about my own path. This week, I am sharing my own journey so that you have a better understanding of my expertise, passions and point of view. I also hope that this post inspires other frustrated teachers to blaze their own entrepreneurial adventure! My Story: I'm Dr. Erica Warren, and for the past 18 years I have built a multiple 6 figure a year practice as a learning specialist. From one to one sessions, to creating multisensory educational materials to video podcasts, blogs and even online courses and mentorships, I've been pa

The Five Secrets to Helping Students Ace Midterm Exams

Many students are coming back in the new year to face midterms in mid to late January. After the holiday break, it can be difficult for many students to hit the ground running and properly prepare for these looming exams.  What are the Five Secrets to Acing Midterms? A few weeks before exams, plan a study schedule. This includes: Estimating the amount of time it will take to prepare for midterms for each class. Filling in a blank calendar with all the study times allocated. Creating a study plan for each course. This might include putting information on index cards, creating study sheets, predicting essay questions, entering exam content into sites like Quizlet, planning out appointments with teachers, or creating study groups. Reviewing and Organizing Materials: This includes past tests, assignments, notes, readings, labs, and handouts. Creating a Daily Routine: Make a conscious effort to avoid distractions such as email, social media and television, decide on the bes