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How to Strengthen Working Memory - Fun Free Activities

A strong working memory is now reported to be the cornerstone to academic success. It is a mental notepad where we post both visual and auditory information until we need to use it in short-term memory.  Strengthening one's working memory can have a profound effect on a students' learning capacity, and there are activities that can help exercise this core cognitive skill. How Can I Learn to Strengthen Working Memory?
Providing fun and engaging activities that require working memory such as Red Light, Green Light can help. However, ready-made activities that were designed specifically to exercise working memory can save time and focus an intervention plan.  My Working Memory & Hemisphere Integration Bundle Digital Download was created based on the newest research. Come download some FREE SAMPLE ACTIVITIES.  If you would like to learn about all my multisensory tools that develop working memory, CLICK HERE or on the image below.
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12 Free Ways to Strengthen Visual Tracking

Tracking is the ability for one's eyes to move smoothly across the page from one word to another as well as from line of text to another. For some learners, however, this is a challenging task. Instead, their eyes jump back and forth and struggle to stay on a single line of text. This can result in problems such as word omissions, reversals, eye fatigue, losing one's place while reading and most importantly it can undermine reading comprehension. Can Tracking be Improved?
Yes, one can improve tracking by strengthening eye muscles and getting ones eyes and brain to work together. There are three types pf eye movements that need to be addressed:
Fixations: The ability to hold one's eyes steady without moving off a target.Saccades: The ability to jump to new targets that randomly disappear and reappear in a different location.Pursuits: The ability to follow a moving target with one's eyes.12 Free Ways to Improve Tracking:
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A Monstrous Sale for My Audience

Over the years I have gained a large tribe of loyal followers. In an effort to show my appreciation, I've created a monstrous sale event. Until August 15th 2019, all my courses at Learning Specialist Courses are 50% off.  In addition, at Good Sensory Learning, my newest product The 12 Ways of Learning: A Parent's Guide to Using The Eclectic Teaching Approach and my newest updated product The Eclectic Teaching Approach are both 50% off! Simply use Coupon code AUG50 at checkout at both Good Sensory Learning and Learning Specialist Courses.

I hope you have the opportunity to take advantage of these ridiculous savings!  Reach out any time.
Cheers, Erica
Dr. Erica Warren is the author, illustrator, and publisher of multisensory educational materials at Good Sensory Learning and Dyslexia Materials. She is also the director of Learning to Learn and Learning Specialist Courses.
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