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Did You Know Reading Skills Can Be Improved by Singing Songs?

I am so pleased to feature this insightful and informative blog by early literacy and reading specialist, Nancy Platt!  Nancy worked as a children's librarian for 15 years at the Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut, and she is passionate about multisensory and play-based early education. Currently residing in the Dominican Republic, Nancy is furthering her expertise in advocacy, language acquisition, and bilingual education.

If you have a child or a student with reading problems or dyslexia, you may be surprised to know that using songs and music can help! When children are babies and toddlers, parents and caregivers often sing and recite nursery rhymes to their children. But what can you do if your child is well past the preschool age and is struggling? Revisit the classics, and find new ones!

What Does the Research Say?
Studies have shown that generations upon generations of mothers were not wrong - nursery rhymes and singing are excellent ways to help develop phonological…

What is Visual Tracking and How Can it Improve Reading?

Many students have difficulties reading text from left to right and from line to line. Although some outgrow this difficulty, other's need extra help to develop this skill.

What Exactly is Tracking?
Tracking is the ability to move one's eyes smoothly across the page and from one line of text to another.  Problems can arise such as eye fatigue, word omissions, reversals, losing one's place while reading and most importantly these difficulties can negatively impact reading comprehension. 

Tracking can be improved by strengthening eye muscles as well as getting the eyes and brain to work together. There are three eye movements that need to be developed: 
Fixations: ability to hold one's eyes steady without moving off a target.Pursuits: ability to follow a moving target with one's eyes.Saccades: ability to jump to new targets that randomly disappear and reappear in a different location.10  Free Tracking Exercises:
Use colored overlays to read books to assist with the tracki…