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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dyslexia and Learning Through Music: A Podcast with Nathan John

This blog shares my most recent video podcast, featuring dyslexia advocate and entrepreneur, Nathan John. This is the fourth of many free video podcasts for Go Dyslexia!

Having overcome the barriers of being an undiagnosed dyslexic at school, Nathan John became a successful event organizer and DJ while completing a university degree in Applied Economics. Now, Nathan is a successful multi award-winning entrepreneur who has been publicly endorsed by the Prime Minister as well as Richard Branson.  What’s more, he was appointed young ambassador of the year for the Prince’s Trust, granted an entrepreneurship role model for the Welsh Government and represented the UK as a business delegate.

Nathan founded Rewise Learning in 2008 and specializes in providing innovative educational solutions covering a range of services including, education, training, e-learning, consultancy, public-engagement and participation events. Rewise Learning is constituted of four distinct brands, each offering a unique approach.
LearnThruMusic Courses: A specialist education and training provider aiming to engage people with education in a fresh way. We work with a variety of learners including mainstream, special educational needs, young offenders, NEETS (Not in Education or Employment Training) and other vulnerable groups. We use music, informal lecturing, song-writing, song recording and music production to engage and teach learners new skills and qualifications.
LearnThruMusic: A revision and learning website covering the core academic subjects. These effective learning resources were developed in consultation with teachers and students at Hawthorne High School (Pontypridd) to develop the product in line with learner needs and to test and prove the concept.
PhonicsThruMusic: A new approach to the synthetic phonics system of teaching reading, developed in conjunction with students and teachers at Woodlands High, a special educational needs school in Cardiff. PhonicsThruMusic is a series of 20 eBooks aimed at SEN (Special  Educational Needs), Primary and secondary schools, international TEFL (Teaching English as a Second Language) schools and individual learners aged 11 – 19.
Sing-In Success: SingIn Success provides inspirational, innovative and dynamic training services to businesses and organizations throughout the United Kingdom.
Nathan is also a founding director of Surfability UK CIC, Wales' first inclusive surf school for people with disabilities and learning difficulties.  Nathan has helped Surfability create a sustainable business model for inclusive surfing in Wales and identified and helped the organization win funding and development capital.
Nathan is also founder and Director of The Rewise Foundation CIC, a not for profit organization providing support and educational opportunities to the most disadvantaged members of our society. To date they have delivered projects for high profile funding partners such as Children In Need and the National Lottery.

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